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  • STEAG supports conventional power supply in India

    Around the world, many countries benefit from our expertise. That includes densely populated India, where we are the market leader in increasing the efficiency of conventional power plants. When it comes to ensuring the energy supply for roughly 1.3 billion people, our solution is PADO – our Plant Analysis, Diagnosis and Optimization tool. Right now India has 300 gigawatts of installed capacity. By the year 2030, the country will need at least 900 gigawatts. Without PADO, India will not be able to maintain its current economic growth.  

    PADO modernizes conventional power plants

    PADO helps power plant operators in India with planning and maintenance, delivers performance data, and provides a quick overview of how efficient and economical plants are performing. We’ve installed PADO in well over 100 units and trained Indian engineers to use it. It’s how we’re supporting the Indo-German Energy Program (IGEN) – as consultants and efficiency service providers. The program, which promotes measures to improve efficiency in coal power plants, was developed as a cooperation between the Indian Ministry of Energy and the German Federal Ministries for Economic Affairs and the Environment. The results to date speak for themselves: annual carbon savings of 1.6 million metric tons, which equals 1.2 million metric tons of Indian coal.