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    Customer days regularly invite for exchange

    Customer service do not just go in one direction. We pass on expert knowledge to you - after all, continuous support is indispensable for the lasting success of IT systems. Conversely, we are absolutely looking for dialogue with you. The direct exchange of experience forms an important basis for our engineers to come up with solutions and, finally, to further develop advanced technologies.

    That's why we organize customer days, which are regularly well received. These include the Technology Days with the focus on process optimization, data analysis and big data, the EBSILON User Days and the STEAG Maintenance Days with a focus on SI®/PAM.

    Ideas are brought in at all events, new projects are presented, business experts are discussed across the company and, last but not least, contacts are intensified. Just as interesting: the lectures given by our IT specialists at various conferences and trade fairs.

    Our topics and dates for you at a glance