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  • Uncover and unleash the power of your reserves

    The PiT-Navigator for power plants, cement and waste incineration plants

    The production process is overflowing with data – everything from raw material quality and tank temperature to emissions and material requirements. How this data interact can have a huge impact on product quality and cost. To optimize the technical process within the admissible operating range, we rely on our PiT Navigator (Powitec Intelligent Technologies) – an optimization package made up of self-learning software, optical sensors to monitor the flame, and acoustic sensors to monitor the grinding degree.

    This highly powerful program uses advanced methods to enable model predictive control of complex processes. It uncovers efficiency reserves, manages their usage, and combines innovative process control with intelligent data processing. The PiT Navigator relies on a number of parameters to evaluate the impact of optimization targets.

    If needed, the system is able to incorporate additional sensors, such as video or thermographic cameras. Software-supported sensors or virtual online analytics are used because sensors are not able to take direct physical measurements. Therefore, we work with models of the actual pieces, which are mapped to the actual quantities being measured by means of characteristic curves. Take the example of temperature sensors, which house a material with an electrical resistance that fluctuates with temperature. The temperature is calculated by measuring the change in resistance.

    A self-learning tool that adapts to new conditions

    The PiT Navigator is a self-learning system that collects and maintains a library of past process conditions and responds to new ones. It autonomously adapts this knowledge database to the process changes and then accesses the control system. The process control system automatically generates an optimization strategy, which the plant uses to independently optimize the air-fuel ratio. This improves the steam generator’s average temperature and efficiency.

    The PiT Navigator has become an indispensable asset in a number of industries – for example, for kiln and mill control in the cement industry, for combustion optimization in power plants, and for combustion control or high-efficiency flue glass cleaning in SNCR thermal waste treatment (waste-to-energy).

    With the PiT Navigator, you will increase the energy and overall efficiency of your plant while reducing operating costs and emissions – and ultimately increase availability and service life.