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Each plant operator knows all too well that an efficient operation management and optimal plant utilization through an early detection of incipient faults and operating conditions deviating from the optimum are crucial for economic success.

The Division System Technologies develops and markets IT systems for the power industry, the cement industry, for thermal waste treatment, sea water desalination plants, as well as other industries. Our expert systems support the operation management and maintenance of technical installations, apply solutions for monitoring and optimization to ensure a more efficient plant operation, and in addition allow to monitor processes automatedly as well as to improve them in terms of an optimal operation.

Operation Management and Maintenance of Plants
With our flexible solutions we can represent the entire range of technical operation management, both in coal- and gas-fired power plants and in solar and wind power plants or in thermal waste treatment, as well as in cement manufacturing. Here our computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), which can be applied across industries, create more transparency by means of RFID technology and mobile solutions, among other things, lastingly improving the work flows and safety.

Intelligent Process Optimization
Together with our subsidiary STEAG Powitec we address the wide topic of process optimization. Optimal processes can only be achieved by using groundbreaking technologies. We use advanced methods of artificial intelligence for the model predictive control of complex processes in order to optimize these within the admissible operating range. Here the self-learning system can be supplemented with modern sensors for structure-borne sound measurement or flame monitoring with regard to a greater depth of information. Our solutions are being applied successfully in the most various industries, e.g. for kiln control or mill optimization in cement manufacturing, for combustion optimization in power plants, or for combustion control in thermal waste treatment.

Monitoring and Optimization for Efficient Plant Operation

Our wide range of products of highly specialized software systems allows us to rigorously analyze and optimize technical processes in order to increase the efficiency of all kinds of power plants. Our modules of the SR series are in use world-wide, among them a central data management, solutions for process quality monitoring and for determining the lifetime of highly stressed components, as well as systems for the statistical evaluation of performance values. And EBSILON® Professional, for instance, our planning tool for the simulation of thermodynamic cycle processes, is essential for the planning, design, and optimization of plants.

Based on decades of experience with our own power plants and waste incineration plants we are not only familiar with the requirements of the power industry, but have acquired additional expert knowledge in other industries as well. Today our IT-based solutions for the planning, optimization, and support of operating procedures, for lifetime monitoring as well as for simulation and documentation are among the leading products world-wide, making us a sought-after partner in international markets. At the same time we have established ourselves in various industries with our expert knowledge on the optimization of complex processes.

Service & Customer Focus
When using IT systems, a continuous service is vital for long-term success. We offer a wide range of services in this context, beginning with the mere software update, right up to the "all-round carefree package" with intensive support, problem analysis, and development of proposals for solution. Our basis for a good customer service consists of an experienced team of project engineers who gladly support our customers with their know-how and their expert knowledge. Our regular user conferences are a welcome platform for an intensive dialog and exchange of experiences with our customers. Here our events offer an important forum for the requests of our customers, to which we react with a continuous further development and improvement of our solutions as well as services. Moreover, we discuss up-to-date technologies and strategies within the group of experts to be able to even better tap the potentials for an efficient and thus economical plant operation.

The Division System Technologies is active world-wide, and in many countries our customers have a local contact person owing to our branches or partners. Among our customers in Germany are leading companies like RWE, EON, EnBW, Vattenfall, as well as many public utility companies like e.g. in Munich, Duisburg, Berlin, or Krefeld. In India, the state-owned companies National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) and Bharat Electricals Limited (BHEL) are among the customers of System Technologies. As an energy provider, Delhi-based NTPC builds power plants on their own. New Delhi-based BHEL is a manufacturer of gas and steam turbines as well as steam boilers. In Turkey, the cement and ready-mix concrete manufacturer Cimsa numbers among our most important customers. In the North American market, System Technologies could recently acquire the leading energy group GE as a customer. And in Dubai, the company DEWA with the Jebel Ali site is among the customers of System Technologies.

We at STEAG!

Dr. Martin Stephan

"Predictive maintenance uses our technologies and can thus make a major contribution towards increasing value added, improving quality, and occupational safety."

Dr. Martin Stephan,
Consultant Operation Management Systems

Wolfgang Offermanns

"Our modern information processing systems improve safety for the plant and the people working there."

Wolfgang Offermanns,
Product Manager Operation Management Systems

Lea Boche

"We make figures understandable."

Lea Boche,
Project Engineer Energy Management Systems

Markus Indenbirken

"Because of the growing demands to become more efficient, knowledge management has become an important factor for successful plant management. SI® bundles operational expertise and offers practice-oriented access to the relevant information."

Markus Indenbirken,
Head of Application Services

Stefan Altbürger

"A group of engineers with a future."

Stefan Altbürger,
Head of Operation Services

Jens Reiberg

"Efficiency in service and maintenance through new technologies." 

Jens Reiberg,
Project Engineer Operation Management Systems

Dr. Sebastian Lohse

„We support our customers in the continuous evaluation of the operation mode, actual performance and the lifetime of their plants.”

Dr. Sebastian Lohse,
Project Engineer Energy Management Systems

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