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Do you want to see the maintenance technician at a desk or in the plant? Do you need expensive experts to understand your Condition Monitoring System? Why is it that your machines still keep breaking down unexpectedly? Can you read what it says on the RFID chip?

About the Division System Technologies

If you operate a technical plant, your main focuses are efficient management and optimized capacity utilization. Recognizing imminent faults in good time is extremely important for successful operation in the long term. Our IT solutions will help you keep one step ahead of the competition. more

Tracing Causes with “Eagle Eyes“

Changes in the operating behaviour of power plants and their components lead to undetected degradations of the plant efficiency and sudden failures. Tracing the precise causes of these incidents like e.g. component failures, however, is often very time-consuming. Opens internal link in current windowmore

First App for SI/PAM for Tablets and Smartphones

STEAG Energy Services is expanding its range for mobile maintenance with a groundbreaking innovation: SES presents the first app for the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) SI®/PAM Mobile. Opens internal link in current window more


Addition in Technology at SES

On October 15, 2012, STEAG Energy Services acquired the company Powitec Intelligent Technologies GmbH. Since then, the new subsidiary has been operating under the name STEAG Powitec GmbH. more

EURO ID 2011 Award

Euro ID 2011 Award

System Technologies gains award for the new development of the visual V-RFID-Chip more

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