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Do you want the maintenance technican at a desk or in the plant? Do you have an electronic overview of the collected measurement values? Do you still use paper for your maintenance? Can you read, what is written on the RFID-Chip?

Operation Management Systems

The maintenance of technical plants is often regarded as a mere cost center without any added value. However, virtually each company has to face the increasing requirements of the markets. Therefore it becomes necessary to detect previously untapped potentials in order to be able to react with optimized operating procedures to the increasing challenges.

Whoever operates technical plants will know all too well that there are significant potentials for optimization in virtually all work processes. This begins as early as in the planning stage and ranges via the control right up to the documentation.

SI®/PAM is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that optimizes and lastingly improves a great number of workflows. SI®/PAM-Mobile enables this directly on site at the plant, using RFID technology and mobile devices.

The results: potentials are better exploited, operating procedures are accelerated, and investments in technical plants are lastingly secured.

The benefits of SI®/PAM:

  • Lean and flexible: adjusts to your individual requirements
  • Can be used across industries: usable in many fields (utilities, waste 
    utilization plants, manufacturing companies, machinery and plant 
    engineering, facility management, etc.)
  • Versatile: optional use of standards like KKS, RDS-PP, plant data models according to VGB R171
  • Individual: project-specific features can usually be implemented without any programming effort
  • Efficient: simple organization of procedures and processes
  • Transparent: clear representation of operating procedures
  • Legal: creates the crucial basis for legally compliant documentations
  • Comfortable: easy because practical user guidance
  • Field-tested: based on decades of experience in the operation management and control of STEAG power plants
  • Economically efficient: can be put to productive use after only a brief period of planning and implementation, will thus quickly pay off
  • Modular: demand-oriented adjustment owing to various modules

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