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SR-Systems: The intelligent product family from System Technologies

Energy Management Systems

Look after your customers without wasting money.

The energy management systems from System Technologies help you save valuable resources and are therefore amortized within a very short time.
With our applications you can monitor, control, and optimize the main technical-economic interrelationships in energy supply.

Tracing Causes with "Eagle Eyes" (SR::EAGLE)

Changes in the operating behaviour of power plants and their components lead to undetected degradations of the plant efficiency and sudden failures. Tracing the precise causes of these incidents like e.g. component failures, however, is often very time-consuming.
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Central Data Management (SR::x)

The data management system SR::x is the central data archive of the SR product family. Operating data are cyclically extracted from control systems and other source systems, transmitted to the data management system and archived in the form of time series.

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Continuous optimizing of power plant units to make use of savings potentials in the plant (SR::EPOS)

The SR::EPOS system continuously analyzes and assesses power-plant processes and identifies any economic losses. Data collected while evaluating components, optimizing operations, and forecasting the power-plant unit’s performance cumulatively enables operations personnel to run the power-plant unit as well as possible.

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Service-life monitoring of thick-walled components (SR1)

SR1 continuously calculates the creep strength and alternating-stress fatigue of components subjected to severe loading (collectors, spherical fittings, tee joints, etc.). SR1 is certified as per TRD 508 and EN 12952-4. You benefit by allocating testing resources only to those components subjected to particularly severe loading. Your maintenance costs will decrease while the availability of your equipment increases.

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Early warning system for the detection of process changes (SR::SPC)

The SR::SPC system analyzes operational measurements to establish key performance indicators in order to ensure the continuous monitoring of process quality so that, in turn, any changes regarding equipment will be detected in good time.

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Service-life monitoring of heavy-duty pipes (SR::SPM)

SPM stands for steam-pipe monitoring, which uses installed equipment for measuring mechanical power and distances to identify loading which occurs within piping. SPM continuously determines remaining service life. Unanticipated operations immediately trigger alarms. You benefit by minimizing testing resources and instrumentation engineering while obviating unanticipated loading.

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Operating-mode-specific recording of block KPIs and operating data in the interconnected power (SRx::Zentral)

Soot-blowing Management (SR::BCM)

Data validation for consistent operating datalife (SR::Validate)

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