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  • STEAG Digital Insights - Web Series

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    The ongoing trend of digitalizing energy systems and assets is, for many, both an opportunity and a challenge. Besides ever more powerful software products, integrating the systems into existing workflows is a decisive factor for success. We have identified hot topics for asset owners and operators. Our series of free Web Seminars offers your experts and ours the chance to discuss latest trends of the digital energy world of today and tomorrow.

    All topics and dates at a glance:
    April 27th

    Manage energy assets from an eagle’s perspective

    Information and recording available here

    June 29th

    How Advanced Leakage Monitoring & Alarming enables smart maintenance and dispatch decisions

    Information and recording available here

    August 31st

    Value driven management of wind farm assets

    Information here

    May 25th

    Optimizing modern energy grids – Use Case: Urban Quarter optimization with EBSILON®Professional

    Information and recording available here

    July 20th

    Holistic flexibilization for the energy sector – case study “Southeast Asia”

    Information here

    October 5th

    Optimize Waste to Energy plants through cutting-edge digital solutions

    Information and Recording available here