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  • Optimize Waste to Energy plants through cutting-edge digital solutions

    Based on an international track record, our Product Manager Simon will share latest findings and experiences from international projects with a focus on Predictive Maintenance and Advanced Process Control.

    At a glance

    Date 05 October 2021 
    Time 10.00 - 11.00 a.m. CET
    Tool Edudip (browser based)

    Our expert

    Simon Geiger

    Simon looks at the rapidly advancing digitalization of the energy market and sees it as a chance to actively shape the energy transition. For this reason, he is focusing on digital optimization opportunities in the waste-to-energy market and the cement industry. He supports customers in combustion optimization and helps them to achieve stable steam performance and increase throughput. Furthermore, he shows them how to detect damage to the plant at an early stage and thus avoid unplanned shutdowns.