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  • When the weather doesn’t cooperate

    WINDcenter aides project development and implementation

    Operating a wind farm is extremely costly – 75% is generally spent on operations and maintenance alone. By reliably assessing and predicting the conditions of materials and components, our systems help you reduce costs significantly. This technology is the only way to ensure that you run maintenance when it is really necessary – and above all before it gets really expensive.

    How many times has the weather not cooperated, preventing parts from getting replaced or making it difficult or impossible to carry out repairs? Offshore installations can be even more problematic, for example, when ships aren’t available on short notice. It’s not uncommon to see delays that on shore average three to four days stretching to two weeks off shore. Our systems are integrated into your regular operations to detect problematic situations up to six months in advance. In short: our technology enables predictive maintenance, which allows you to manage spare parts inventories better and avoid shortages, plan to schedule ships in advance, and take advantage of planned downtimes.

    And if you don’t have enough personnel to continuously monitor your wind farm, STEAG WINDcenter can help. Our specialists evaluate your data and can assist you with project development and execution.