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    Key Driver Digitalization:
    Handle the Impact of the Energy Transition with Smart Digital Solutions

    STEAG Digital Insights - Web Series
    July 2022

    Heads Up, Project Developers!
    Level Up Your Strategy Game: From Project Implementation to Profitable Operation

    STEAG Digital Insights - Web Series
    May 2022

    In the shoes of an energy assets operator

    STEAG Digital Insights  - Web Series
    April 2022

    Optimize Waste to Energy plants through cutting-edge digital solutions (WtE)

    STEAG Digital Insights - Web Series

    How Advanced Leakage Monitoring & Alarming enables smart maintenance and dispatch decisions

    STEAG Digital Insights - Web Series

    Optimizing modern energy grids. Use Case: Urban Quarter optimization with EBSILON®Professional

    STEAG Digital Insights - Web Series

    Manage energy assets from an eagle’s perspective

    STEAG Digital Insights - Web Series

    Enlit Asia Plus Series - Optimising Plant Performance

    Panel Discussion STEAG “OPEX down, Revenue up” How to tame a white elephant

    "GPS for Energy Data" - Introduction to the series

    STEAG's predictive maintenance techniques based on data analysis

    "GPS for Energy Data" - Exploring engery KPIs with the data based approach

    Short Analysis of a coal fired power plant condensor using the data based approach (supervised learning)

    "GPS for Energy Data" - Exploring energy KPIs with EBSILON

    Case study to find out how 1,8 mio € for a one year period were saved

    Trailer: EBSILON®Professional

    Planungs- und Simulationswerkzeug für die Simulation von thermodynamischen Kreisprozessen

    Lecture: Software-Based Optimization in Power Plants

    Lecture: Advanced Online Combustion Optimization

    Lecture: Advanced Process Control for Cement Industries

    Lecture: Use of Advanced Process Control for Flexible Plant Operation

    EBSILON Professional - Introduction

    EBSILON Professional - General Overview

    EBSILON Professional - Macros Part I

    EBSILON Professional - Design and Off-Design Calculations

    EBSILON Professional - Cycle Parameters

    EBSILON Professional - Macros Part II

    EBSILON Professional - Display of calculation results

    EBSILON Professional - Controllers

    EBSILON Professional - Configurator

    EBSILON Professional - Excel Add In

    EBSILON Professional - Gas Turbine Library

    EBSILON Professional - EbsScript Introduction