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EBSILON®Professional Plant engineering and design

EBSILON®Professional for engineering and designing energy and power plant systems

EBSILON®Professional is a system that simulates thermodynamic cycle processes and is used for engineering, designing, and optimizing plants.

Precise planning is a key factor for succesful design or modification of energy and power plant systems. At an early stage in the project, it is necessary to determine whether and how the performance requirements can be achieved.

EBSILON®Professional supports your engineering processes—from feasibility studies through to detailed dimensioning of the plant.

Because of the broad flexibility of the system and the universality of the approach to solutions, it is possible to simulate virtually any thermodynamic cycle process.

  • Maximize the benefits of repowering and retrofitting actions by letting the EBSILON®Professional model do the simulation.
  • Design a performance-optimized plant for your application scenario by introducing the specific parameters into the model.
  • Calculate the effects of component contamination, various load cases, and changes in environmental conditions.
  • Simulate the operation of newly developed components in a cycle.

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Combined cycle plant with VTU OEM-GTLib gas turbine
Conventional plant with 700°C live steam temperature
Concentrated solar power plant (Andasol type)
Power cycle using organic fluid from Refprop fluid library
Combined heat and power plant with gas motors
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